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Mikasa Ackerman x Male Reader - Led and Sword Pt.2
Here's Part Two, enjoy guys!!^_^
Once the morning daylight dawned over the land, you, your team, and Mikasa head towards the western forces' position to aid them in their mission to recapture an abandoned base that is currently in the hands of the Titans. It took awhile, but you all made it and met up with the forces' commanding officer.
"You and the others get off of your horses and walk towards your allies"
Sergeant Roncisto: I take your from the Survey Corps?
You: Yes. "You shake hands with him" I'm Captain (First Name) (Last Name) of the Eagle Eyes. Levi and Erwin has sent us here to help you and your boys with the base you found.
Sergeant Roncisto: That's good to hear. I'm Sergeant Roncisto by the way. "Turns around" Follow me.
With that said and done, you and your friends followed Roncisto towards a position where you can see the whole base clearly. As you all kept walking, you couldn't hel
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 36 8
Male! Reader x Mikasa Ackerman (Chapter 2)
~Your POV~
‘This better be worth my time,’ I thought to myself as the group carried their ‘prize’ back inside the walls of the city. Really, I understood how excited the citizens would see me here and weren’t taking any chances of letting me get away, but I insist of staying here for a while until I have plan to do whatever I wanted to do for now. I was still in tied, so it is a bother to untie them. Although I have nothing to say but staying quiet, allowing them to do as they are pleased. If it goes somewhere too far, I will immediately get out of the grasp.
I honestly do not know why I let them take me to the city. I had never stay inside of the walls before, so maybe it was my curiosity of what does it look like in the inside, or maybe I would actually like to stop being the wander for once and help my human species survive the hell called life.
To be honest, why the would I know about it.
But that’s what drove me to this exact position; right her
:iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 78 20
Why Did I Come Back? (MReadreXMikasa)
I really wanted to do this for a short time now. So I finally got to write it.
Story Time
You were playing in a park with Eren, Armin, and Mikasa. You chased each other around for bit then you all rested under a tree on a hill. You all lied down together and started to talk about you all in the future.
Eren: “I want to be a cop so I can stop the bad guys and protect my friends and family.”
Mikasa: “Whatever you’ll become I will become as well to protect Eren.”
Armin: “I want to be a paramedic so I can help people too. What about you (M/n)?”
You: “I don’t know what I want to be, but I want to help people too.”
Eren: “Then it’s settled we’ll all grow up to be good people and protect everyone arounds us.”
Armin: “Sound like a plan.”
Eren, Mikasa, and Armin put their hand together to bound the promise. But you just stood there and looked at them.
Eren: “Come on (M/n)! Do
:icondrkaboom2:DrKaboom2 69 76
Neko! Male! Reader x Mikasa (2/?)
A/n: If I messed up the storyline, characters, etc. I’m very sorry for what I am doing. I’m still a beginner on this anime.
~Your Pov~
-11 years later-
It’s been quite a long time since I met with Hanji. Ever since I can remember, she would always take care of me. I always like the way of how she is when like science, despite I’m not a scientist or a Titan lover. She would tell me stories of other Cat people, like me, are somewhere at the outside walls. I felt comfortable with some people, mostly Hanji and Levi. Since I started to turn 8, those two will always help me out if I having a problem or so. Hanji would be the one teaching me the normal stuff like Math, English, science, etc. (Idk if that’s in that past). And she also let me have something if I wanted and somewhat I asked for a lot of stuff. Levi can sometimes be a pain, but I do adore him even if he’s teaching me self-defense or he would sometime make clean which I sometime like to do when
:iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 63 3
Neko! Male! Reader x Mikasa (1/?)
A/n:  Sorry if the AoT characters are OOC ^^”. It's kind of hard for people to act like to me and I tried my best to make them like they're acting like themselves. Also, this chapter is the past before the Colossal Titan broke a hole and… well you know the rest.  And here are some inserts-
(Y/n): Your First name
(L/n): Your Last name
(Hair! Color)
(Eye! Color)
(Fav! Color)
(Cat Ears! Color)
~Hanji’s POV~
I was sleeping in bed dreaming about Titans and oh my I really wanted to keep one real bad. As I was dreaming about the titans, I heard a soft sound coming from the door. I thought I was imagining, so I wait to see if I was kidding. I listen very closely and the soft noise sounds like… crying.
I got up from my bed and see who it was making the crying noise as I open the door. There sat a baby in a basket. The baby was wrapped in a (Fav! Color) cloth with some kind of rose symbol imprinted on the sheets. I held the baby and the baby stopped crying, but
:iconloppyjordan:loppyjordan 116 6
Savage Company | Page 61 by yitexity Savage Company | Page 61 :iconyitexity:yitexity 207 100
Cheater!Weiss x M!Reader x Winter

(Y/n)'s P.o.V
"Hey, wake up man. We have to get to class." (Tm/n) said shaking me up.
"Okay, I'm up. Time to see what life has in store for us today." I said sitting up fixing my (h/c) hair.
"Well what life has is you hurrying up because we have ten minutes until class." (STm/n) said. 
"Holy Oum." I said scrabbling to get ready.
                                 –Professor Port's class–
"Two more minutes and we'll begin our class." Professor Port said grooming his mustache a bit. The door to the room was slowly closing as to signify time running out.
"And they're safe." My teammate Rae said as he caught the door and help it open for me and the rest of the team.
"Ah, Team (Team Name). You all were almost late. You were about to miss the wonderful story of how I, Professor Port, bested a wild pack of beowolves, will one arm." The mustached man said.
:iconjotose:Jotose 173 35
Neo x Male Reader
P.O.V. Mercury
Me and Emerald where standing in front of Roman. He was supposed to give us our new orders. "Alright so today you have a really simple job. . . you two are babysitting," he said looking at us.
"What? Babysitting? What are you talking about?" Emerald asked looking at him.
"He means we have to watch after Neo and [Name]." I said looking at her.
"Why? Aren't they capable of watching after themselves?" Emerald asked looking at me.
"Yes they are but I want the two of you to make sure that they don't leave this building. They don't like staying in one place for to long." Roman said looking at her.
I hate babysitting these two I always end up taking things inappropriately when I'm around them. "Where are they now?" I asked looking at him.
"They're . . . no idea, well good luck," he said as he walked away. A lot of help he was.
"I hate watching them," I said as me an Emerald began to walk down the hall.
"Why's that?" Emerald asked looking at me.
"You'll find out soon enough," I
:iconmetrofairy:MetroFairy 155 25
Cute yet deadly
Being a high-ranking member of the White Fang had a lot of negatives, but you felt as though the positives outweighed the bad parts.
The positives included being able to work alongside people such as Roman Torchwick and Cinder fall, being feared by the civilians who were against our equality movement, and best of all you got to go on missions with the pink and brown haired beauty known as Neo.
Neo was something else. She always remained calm and professional, taking down opponents whilst simultaneously messing around with them.
Yes, she is strong when she doesn’t even try, but when she actually goes at it… Fuck, she becomes one of the deadliest fighters that has ever walked this planet.
Only you knew about this though, as a couple of years ago, you had made the rage that she had kept bottled up for so many years burst out, and it’s safe to say that it wasn’t a pretty sight by any means.
You still had some scars from that fight, but you counted yourself lucky tha
:iconmalereaderdrabbles:MaleReaderDrabbles 131 14
New meat (fem eyeless jack x male ghoul reader) #3
Third person P.O.V:
You where laying in bed when a loud knock woke you up you looked at the alarm clock " how the fuck knocks at 2 in the dame morning?" You say up put your shirt on and walked down the stairs and open the door and have something tackle you on to the couch the door flinging shut in the proses you look to see jax starring at you with her mask off "oh hi jax what are you doing here?" She lead down inches away from your face.
Jax P.O.V:
I felt strange since I met (y/n) "oh nothing just checking on you" he looks at me confused It made me giggle "what's so funny jax hey did you know your straddling me?" Is he really this clueless he sat up "jax is there something wrong?" "Are you really this clueless?" Maybe he didn't feel the same way I was on the verge of tears I felt him wrap his arms around my waist pulled me in to a tight hug "jax please don't cry I don't want to see someone I love cry" i pushed him back on to the couch pressing my lips against his.
Your P.O.V:
I laid t
:iconxtoons:Xtoons 7 1
New meat (fem eyeless jack x male ghoul reader) #2
Your P.O.V~
I opened my eyes and there met with the black void jax was sitting on top looming over me "hey~ (y/n) sleep well?" I nodded and she moved off of me I sat up "hey do you want some breakfast or something?" I asked her "oh no thanks I'm fine" she replied I got out of the bed walking to the kitchen opening the secret compartment grabbing a severed hand and began to chop down on it jax walked down the stairs she had put her mask back on "hey (y/n) I'm gonna go I need to get back to the Forrest" I looked at her and walked over to her "well I'll go with you" she seemed surprised "wait but why?" I moved her mask staring in to the void where her eyes wound been she was blushing "you know where I live so it's only fair" I grabbed my hoodie and handed jax's hers your friend would't be coming over to day he had plans with his family I walked with jax to the Forrest
Jax P.O.V~
I walked along side (y/n) why was he so interested in me "look (y/n) I don't know if you want to see where I li
:iconxtoons:Xtoons 11 0
New meat (fem eyeless jack x male ghoul reader) #1
Name - (y/n) (l/n)
Age- 17
Hair colour - White
Eye colour - (e/c) [your a one eyed ghoul so only one of your eyes change]
Information: your are a one eyed ghoul your mother human you wear a green hoodie, a black under shirt ,dark blue sweat pants and blue sneakers since your a ghoul you wear a mask you took your fathers mask it's white you cut a part of it off to expose your red and black eye and sharpe teeth where your mouth is.
Story time~~
Your P.O.V:
I sat with my friend in the park not to far from your house we've been here talking for a good few hours and I'm getting hungry "well sorry (f/n) but I should be getting home I'll see you later" I said as I stood up holding out me hand to help him up "no problem man  besides it's getting pretty late" we waved goodbye to each over as we walked out separate ways " i'v I don't do something about this hunger I'll probable go on a killing spree" I thought to my self I turned and saw my friend was no longer In site I reached in to my ba
:iconxtoons:Xtoons 18 3
Cupid's Shadow (MWolfFaunusReaderXRWBYHarem)
I have a new saying going around that I want to get treading that goes like this. "When Life Gives You Lemons... You Read Them." Now Go! Go and spread this around until it dies off in internet history!
Story Time
--- Reader is 8 years old ---
Master: “You must focus… If you don’t your life will be at stake.”
You: “But Master… I just can’t get any of this.”
Master: “In due time you will… I didn’t take you under my wing so you could fool yourself. Now once again.”
You: “Yes Master.”
Master: “(M/n) You may be a Faunus but this is for your own good.”
--- Reader is 14 years old ---
???: “You look like you need a profession young blood.”
You: “Who are you?”
???: “People called me Eros but now I am known as Cupid.”
You: “You can’t be Cupid you look nothing like him.”
Cupid: “I don’t look like my old self becaus
:icondrkaboom2:DrKaboom2 157 95
Esdeath x Male Reader - The Right Path Pt.1
(NOTE TO READER: This insert might have more than 4 parts)
It was another regular day at the capital and you were just walking around, enjoying the outdoors and fresh air. While you were walking, you saw a poster that was put on the wall of a house, so you stopped and took a look at it.
You: So there's a tournament in town, sponsored by someone named Esdeath? "Grin appears on your face" Finally, it's about time this town gets a sick event like this.
From there, it was decided, your gonna join the tournament and show everyone there how great you are as a warrior. You then rushed back home to get your weapon and to prepare for the tournament.
At the tournament....
Back at the tournament, they were already starting and they were first showing 2v2 matches. After the victor was decided, everyone cheered, all exc
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 167 26
Saeko X Male!Reader pt3 END
You turned around walking away, thinking that she was bluffing. She wasn't..."I love you....(y/n)." She whispered with a smile. She brought the blade closer to her neck cutting the outside of her neck, a little bit of blood spilled down her throat and she let our small shriek, one just loud enough for you to hear. You turned back towards her eyes widened you ran, "You idiot what are you doing!?" You snatched her sword away from her, she fell onto your shoulder breathing hard. She was ok, luckily. "I love you too! That's why it hurt me when you cheated on me..."
"Well I'm here now, I'm sorry for what I did but if you give me another chance..."
"I'm turning into a zombie....have you forgotten?"
"See that's the thing. Shizuka and Saya have been working on a cure lately and....they might have one. Though it's still unfinished I snatched one and...I thought It might help."
"Alright...let's do it. I mean I'm kinda afraid of needles but let's do it!" Saeko took a deep sigh. "3, 2." She kissed
:iconimouttamymind:ImOuttaMyMind 34 11
Saeko X Male!Reader pt2 love is death
"(Y/N)! Please wait! Listen to me!"
"Why? Please tell me. I want to know why I should listen. Is it so you can be a bit--"
"(Y/N)! I'm sorry. It WAS a mistake. I...I just don't know why I did it. I care about you. It's just that he reeled me in."
"Ugh, you disgust me. He "reeled" you in? I'm pretty sure you have more control over your body than he does. And when I see him....that bastards gonna pay."
"Please...I love you." She kissed you, you were going to kiss back. But she needs to learn. You just stood there as she kissed you. Realising you wouldn't kiss back she stopped kissing. "Go back to your boy toy. F**king slut." You left and noticed her fall onto her knees, crying. You felt bad but she deserved to hear it. You never imagined she'd ever do something so heartless. You heard footsteps approaching. Takashi . You turned to hook him. And you did. Seeing him on the ground gave you a little satisfaction. "I'm sorry (y/n). It wasn't planned."
"I'm saying the truth
:iconimouttamymind:ImOuttaMyMind 37 11


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