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The Princess, The Cat, and The (Former) Killer
"So, you girls are from Beacon, correct?" You politely ask to the four girls that are pointing their weapons at you. "Yes, what about it?" The white haired girl glares at you. No, all the girls are glaring at you. "Surely you have been informed about a new transfer student..?" You say, readying your handgun and knife, in case they suddenly charge at you. "Yes. What, are you indicating that you are the transfer student? After you just attacked an innocent?" The girl says. "Yes, and wait! Who's innocent?! That guy is a robber! And I didn't mean any harm! It was self defense! He attacked me!" You try to convince them, but it's not working. "Huh, don't believe you." This time, the blonde girl speaks up. "First you attacked him, and now you accuse him as a robber? How terrible." The white haired girl yells. "Hey, Ruby, let's just beat him up." The blonde speaks up again, suggesting to a red cloaked girl, whose name seems to be Ruby. "Sure!" Ruby says, rubbing her scythe. "I'll let you taste
:icongoshujin-samaa:Goshujin-Samaa 105 40
Hug Pillow Pt.1 (MReaderXWeissXBlake)
Just a quick heads up I am going to be posting that Valentines special on Thursday since I am going down to Charlotte to visit my sister.
Story Time
*Cellphone Ringtone*
You pick up your cellphone to see that is was Jaune calling.
You: "Hello?"
Jaune: "Hey (M/n) can you come over and don't tell Weiss?"
You: "Surething."
Jaune: "Kay see you later."
You hang up the call and get dressed to go to Blake's house. You go into your front door and grab your keys. Then you tell Weiss where you were going.
You: "Hey I am going out for a bit so I'll be back in a little while."
Weiss: "Okay just come back by dinner."
You: "Okay see ya."
You get on your Suzuki bike and ride to Jaune's House. You drive up the driveway and park it there. Then you walk up his steps and ring his doorbell.
Jaune: "(M/n), good you're here I need your help with Pyrrha's little problem."
You: "What do you mean?"
Jaune: "Well it's that time of month and she's in a lot of pain."
You: "Goddammit Jaune didn't
:icondrkaboom2:DrKaboom2 127 37
rwby x male reader mine 3
Its been 8 days since the day you got out but you wish you didn't since yang and ruby kept you for themselves but weiss well she won't give up till she make you the new male schnee but what about Blake? Then here comes the cat gets hunted
Days you heard that sun slapped and scold Blake for accidentally breaking his favorite clothes which made them break up you decided to see Blake in weiss house ugh
*ding dong*
(M/n): Blake its me (m/n) I was worried about you so I came to see-
Suddenly Blake came out and best hugged you real hard
(M/n): h-help me god ri-ribs are b-b-breaking argghh
Blake: oh sorry anways come in
After you got your breath you went in only to be taclked by weiss
Weiss: hi (m/n) miss me where's our marriage paper I thought you where working on it?
(M/n): weiss one i didn't ACCEPT FOR marriage plus I was here to see if blake is alright
Weiss: HEY she doesn't deserve you at all she's jus
:icondragoneaster12:dragoneaster12 70 49
Mature content
rwby x male reader mine 2 :icondragoneaster12:dragoneaster12 55 39
rwby x male reader mine
this is my FIRST (kinda since I was using kingtenderheart account which was a disaster) story I create on this account anyways guys lezz go
-------------------------------------------------your a cat faunus-------------------------------------
You where walking around the halls of beacon academy minding your own business looking at dorms as you where walking you heard a familiar feminine voice
(M/n)~~ come to mama little kitty~~
You then looked backwards seeing yang running towards you you claws this isn't going to end well so you ran as well since this already happend long ago when you saved her from being a hostage of white fang after several sharp turns she finnaly caught up and taclked you down earning an a
Yang: nuaghty kitty very very naughty kitty trying to run away from mama guess little kitty should be punished
(M/n): u-um yang can we stop because WERE IN THE MESS HALL!!!
Everyone was eyeing you and yang some made wolf wistle and some made a murder looo but they shrug it
:icondragoneaster12:dragoneaster12 130 30
Weiss Schnee x Male Reader - Her Champion Pt.2
Here's part 2, enjoy!!^_^
12 years ago....
Stray dog: BARK!! BARK!!
Weiss: Someone help me please!!
Stray dog: BARK!! BARK!! "Starts to go closer to Weiss"
"Suddenly gets hit by a rock"
You: Leave her alone or face the consequences!!
Weiss: (M/n)!!
Stray dog: "Looks at you" GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! "Starts to run straight for you"
Weiss: (M/n) watch out!!
You: Fell for my trap. "You grab your baseball bat and hit the wild animal away from you"
Stray dog: "Whigns in pain and retreats"
You: And stay out!! "You put your baseball bat away" Weiss are you alr- "She hugs you in surprise"
Weiss: Thank you!! "Sniffs" Thank you so much!!
You: Hey, it's alright, there's no need for you to cry anymore, cause I'm here now. "You wipe her tears off her face"
Weiss: Please promise me that you'll be there to protect me when I'm in danger, okay?
You: Tough thing to do, but I think I can roll with it.
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 87 10
Red Like Roses (Ruby Rose x MaleReader)
As you stepped off of the airship and onto the platform, your (e/c) eyes adjusted to the sunlight as the afternoon breeze waved through your mid-length (h/c) hair. While people got off the airship behind you, you knelt down to tie your shoelaces and take in the grand sight of Beacon Academy. You had received your letter of acceptance a few weeks ago and were beyond excited to join the best Huntsman training academy in Vale. While you were excited, you were able to keep it in; unlike your friend Jaune, who’s face was currently buried in a trash can.
“I told you dude; you should’ve taken those motion sickness pills.” You said as you rested against a wall to wait for your friend to finish
About five minutes later, the blonde’s stomach had finally settled and removed his head from the wastebasket.
“All right, smart guy. But now I’m feeling better and ready to show the ladies what I’ve got!”
Jaune said pointing to an empty courtyard, the
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 192 45
White Mirror (Weiss Schnee x MaleReader)
As your airship slowly docked in front of Beacon Academy, your (e/c) eyes were filled with anticipation and wonder. You had been accepted into the best Huntsman Academy in Vale and you couldn’t wait to see what the next four years held in store. When the doors opened you filed out with the other new arrivals; and spotted your friend Jaune Arc getting to know the inside of a nearby garbage can, his motion sickness getting the better of him once again.
“Hey man, I offered you some pills for that, can’t say I didn’t try to help you out.” You said as you leaned against a wall and hearing a groan come from Jaune while you moved some loose strands of (h/c) hair out of your face
Next to your ship, another docked and soon dozens of workers wheeling white crates filed out. A director of sorts was guiding them towards the academy and you heard something rather peculiar as he barked orders.
“Come on now lads! Miss Schnee is expecting these to be unloaded in a t
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 177 27
Starting off list eight with an astounding TWENTY VOTES, it's a Glynda Goodwitch X Male Reader! :D
My writing style changes during the flashback, but that's to help the back and fourth between the characters. :)
Legend: (F/N)First name, (L/N)Last name, (H/C)Hair color, (F/C)Favorite color
Ruby's POV:
My team and I were taking a test in Professor Goodwitch's class, when her scroll went off. I watched as she answered it, and saw her eyes get really big before quickly responding to whatever the message was. It wasn't long after that, that the bell rang. "Alright students, please leave your tests on my desk on your way out." Professor Goodwitch announced before rushing out of the classroom. "Did you see how Miss. Goodwitch acted after her scroll went off!?" "I did." Yang said with a grin. "You two should have been focusing on your test." "But Weiss!" "I find it more interesting that she didn't wait for all of us to leave firs
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 93 42
When the Rose Wilts Ruby x Damaged Male Reader
How did it happen it all seemed like a blur, your girlfriend Ruby Rose stood there with a smile on her face as she kissed another man, you just stood there until she noticed you, her eyes widened in horror as she tried to reach out to you, you did what any person would've done you ran...
It all started like this...
(Y/n) Nikos the fraternal twin brother of Pyrrha Nikos was facing a dilemma
Yes you heard it right the fearless leader of team NADY(Nadeshiko- Shade of pink)(Also just used the Nikos surname instead of your forename, like Sky Lark from team CRDL)
Was in love, and with who you may ask? Why the Scythe wielding leader of team RWBY herself, Ruby Rose.
Dan: Dude...just confess already.
(Y/n): Too risky.
Ashley: Oh come on just do it what's the worst that could happen?
(Y/n): Well for starters...she could reject me, she'd laugh at me for trying, she'd think I'm some sort of freak cause she's 15 and I'm 17...
Ashley: Alright, Alright we get it, but it's no fun to see
:iconstrikes2018:Strikes2018 72 16
Warm Bites Part 11
Second POV
You slept for the remaining time of night, only to wake up early unexpectedly. You felt warm everywhere, like covered in many layers of blankets... one of them feeling kind of heavy. On your right was Miltia, Melanie on your left, and on top was Velvet. Her ears were drooping over your head, the fluffy part part being near your nose. The way it's positioned was making you want to sneeze.
However, you didn't want to wake them all up or worse... the first thing, if they wake up, is that they'll ask to sink their teeth in your skin. Breaking a sweat from the thought of pain and suffering, you had to carefully get yourself out. You moved Velvets ears out of the way, resulting her to jerk and sensing her fangs to grow. They pierced through your skin making you wince, the pressure of her mouth was quickly getting too tight. It must've been a bad dream she's having.
Clenching your fists just a little longer, it was over. Her fangs retract back and now it's well within your freedom
:icontheevilomen:TheEvilOmen 30 9
The Merc of Atlas (Mercenary Reader x Weiss) pt.2
It's been a very long ass time since my first update on this story. Everyone's probably like "FINALLY"... well you're all gonna have to wait again. I'm making this my most suspenseful story so let the suspense build up where it gets you jumping, spilling your pot roast.
Third POV
The boy has committed murder only for the instinct of his survival. His unpleasant actions made him feel a bit bilious. All that pent up tension has resulted in him kneeling down and vomiting. The boy took his time, having to sit down and ease out while the sounds of a thousand men and gunshots continued to reverberate out in the battlefield. The boy finally pulled himself together and stood up facing towards his next steps to freedom.
The boy takes the blood stained knife and walks away, leaving the dead corpse to rot. As he moved through all the debris and demolished buildings, he sees no mans land right before his eyes. It was all too real to be a dream. Tanks roared with their cannons,
:icontheevilomen:TheEvilOmen 23 5
Beowolf Ruby x Reader Part (1/2)
Let's try something new. Prepare to have your feels broken! It's an AU!
(Y/n) POV
I've spent an hour trying to seek for my friends in this forest. It was really difficult to see because here it lacked so much light which gave them an advantage. No matter, that still leaves me with four other sharp senses that can help. I walked around and soon found the first hider, the bushes rustling gave her position away. She ran back to the cabins in defeat and I continued to search for the next three.
I went in a different direction this time. The second kid, which was my best friend, exposed himself by losing his balance and fell off the branch he was on.
(Y/n): "Found ya."
Xenon: "I'm gonna cut this tree and burn it."
He mumbled as he ran back. Now this leaves me with only two hiders left. I kept my wits about me, carefully spotting for any sign of the last two. It's almost like I could feel their presence nearby.
Lloyd: "Run!"
(Y/n): "What?!"
From a distance I could see my
:icontheevilomen:TheEvilOmen 35 24
Yang :iconvnixxir:VnixxiR 544 61 23 - 'Yeeeeeeaaaaahhh!!' :iconvnixxir:VnixxiR 781 436 Pillowfight :icondenzule:Denzule 1,250 181


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